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Shedding of Stress
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The way mental tension is discussed today, was never discussed before. The reason is clear, earlier people used to lead their life in simplicity. The rich and the poor, the middle class or a upper class everybody was living in a set pattern of life. There was no hustle & bustle, no self-centeredness or disputes, that ever distract the life-style or give undue pressure on human mind. But, today, man is getting over stressed every moment. We are losing our peace of mind for the sake of materialistic gains and thus increasing mental tension day by day. Even in the earlier days, difference of opinion existed. People were competing to go ahead. But today the situation is worsened. No such chaos existed before. These days people have become more & more self-centered. The scientific progress have lead people to get blinded of the pomp & show of life and they are deeply absorbed in enjoying its facilitations. These days, technology is improving day by day and hence new inventions are constantly exposing the mysteries of the world. As a result there are increasing avenues to explore, analyse and enjoy the life in every phase. The opportunities are enhanced a lot. Technology has overcome time & space. The boundaries of 'Nature' are crossed. They have overcome not only the space, but the time too. Even the difference between the atoms & human is left no more. In this computer age, atomic composition are looked into so minutely that nothing will remain impossible in this Universe. On the other hand, the horror of mental stress, is troubling people to this extent that materialistic gains have been achieved at a higher cost. In fact this scientific progress, at the cost of losing mental peace is a negative side of the progress. It is taking away our mental peace and self contentment to the depth of an ocean. We desire to be happy but have gone outerospective by mistake. This outwardness increases materialistic desires which finally takes us to the lowest level and ruins us. Thus, we reach the peak of achievement with a null & void within us. Whether, we agree or not its a fact that we are bounded because of our limitless desires. We can be freed with the help of our mind. The mind is subtle and not a visible object. It overpowers us in such a way that if determined, it take us to the heights of the sky, if not ruins us to the non-existence. The same mind sometimes enjoying limitless comforts is perfectly restless the other way. It is a fact that all the happiness or sadness that we feel is not lying within any object or a situation but it is the state of our mind. The severeness of the situations sometimes adds to the sharpness of our personality and the other way round. Our epics have discussed that mind is the only causing factor of our bonds and liberations. We perform our Karmas, been inspired by our mind and further undergo the cycle of Karmas. Good deeds bring good results and misdeeds bring sufferings. I think that if we wish to get rid of the torture of mental tension, the simplest & the easiest way is to utilise our life time properly. We must make proper use of each moment. “Do unto others as you wish to done by”. If our actions are justified, it is immaterial whether we believe in the theory of rebirth or not. If we do not like to be troubled, we need not harm others. There is a saying - “Atmani pratikulani Paresham na samacharet” It means that the untoward actions should not be performed since the things reciprocate. While behaving in society, if we keep in mind the above saying, there can be no dispute. There will be no scope for the theft, violence, rape, kidnapping and paid crimes etc. With a result, our social life style will be freed of from such untoward mishappenings. The life style of each person so called single unit of society, will be deprived of the mental stress. Thus, mental tension won’t overpower our lives.
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Last updated on 22-04-2018
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