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Effectuation of Shani Adoration
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In our Epics (classical books) Lord Shani has been mentioned as the incarnation of Almighty in the form of Kachhap (i.e.. Kachhap Avatar). Our Epics tell that Almighty God incarnates in different forms for the sake of creation, operation & destruction of the universe. To make the spirits to happen to undergo the results of their good and misdeeds, God himself incarnates in the form of nine planets. Lord Shani has a very special place among the planets and it affects the human life for the longest period of time. However it’s a pity that various misconceptions, misunderstandings and superstitions about Lord Shani are prevailing these days. Most of the people consider Lord Shani as a cruel, anguish, troublesome and an inauspicious god. People come under the grace of Lord Shani when they happen to undergo the pains, troubles and distress because of the Sadhesatti, Dhaiya and the adverse major period, sub-period and sub-sub-periods of Lord Shani. Nevertheless, the very fact is that Lord Shani is a benevolent planet that makes us free from the bonds of life and death. Lord Shani is the superb disciple of Lord Shiva; it is called the incarnation of Rudra and is the best friend of Hanuman ji. As Lord Shiva gets easily anguished and gets pleased easily too, so does Lord Shani. He gets anguished soon and bestows his grace through becoming generous soon. In this age of mechanism, people are too busy to keep fasting or worshipping for a longer period of time, but in this mechanical age, if someone worships lord Shani wholeheartedly, with complete devotion and dedication, he definitely gets his wishes fulfilled. Among all the nine planets, Lord Shani has the most important and acquires the most prestigious post. It affects the human life to the greatest extent and having the longest major period. In Vedic astrology, going through the astrological books, we find horrible picture of Lord Shani. Anyone can get terrified by this picture. I can not digest it as to why they have pictured him like this. Probably, the people earning their livelihood by the name of Lord Shani would have declared him to be the most cruel & horrible god, so much so that people scare of keeping his idol in their home. Even the sculpturers scare of mending his idol. However, such a tendency is really fake and a self-cooked story. In fact, Lord Shani is not inauspicious rather, it is an auspicious one. It does not leave us restless rather it grants us mental peace. Lord Shani is a fortune maker, fructifying karmas (giving us the results of our good deeds and misdeeds). Its a planet that makes us free from the bonds of life and death. It is a justice loving planet. It is the irony of the fate that a soothing planet has been considered as a dreadful one. In the same way, if Lord Shani happens to bestow its grace over a country, that nation happens to be the prosperous and powerful one. Whatever troubles and hardships might that country has has to undergo, it has the potential to overcome all of them. No external power can overcome its freedom or democracy or harm its dignity. In order to achieve Lord Shani’s grace for India (my motherland), a hundred crores and thirty-two lacs of Lord Shani’s mantra had been enchanted in the compounds of Shree Shanidham before establishing Shani shikhar pratima. Since Lord Shani is the Lord of the ninth and the tenth house in the horoscope of free India, So Sant Shiromani ‘Datti’ Madan Maharaj Rajasthani ji has always been putting his best efforts to enhance the number of devotees of Lord Shani from amongst the Indians to the largest extent. If Indians do pray Lord Shani the most, India would progress by leaps and bounds and would gain a bright future through its field of karma.with the positive affects of the worship of Lord Shani and through the recitation of Lord Shani mantra's, India would become a Superb power in the times to come, its for sure! The very fact is that India had been, is yet and would remain a Superb power of the world. Hence, in order to rectify the misconceptions prevalent about Lord Shani, it has been determined to start a revolution through installation of a huge 'Shila' (natural rock) and 'Shikhar pratima' (highest idol in the world) of Lord Shani. In this 'Peeth' there are lot many planning to create an environment and facilities to mend and meditate (to make research) over various aspects relating to Lord Shani, the chief controller amongst the nine planets. In case Lord Shani is a weak planet in the horoscope of a native and the native happens to come to this Sidh Shakti Peeth Shree Shani Dham, he attains the benefic affects of the Lord Shani and the path of his progress becomes crystal clear. I had have published many books to make them acquainted to the factual picture of Lord Shani. This book is an important chain of the same series of thoughts. “Effectuation Of Shani Adoration” The above named this handbook discusses about the dignity and the prestigious form of Lord Shani despite explaining to the various ways of worshipping this Lord. Hopefully, the readers of the book would get clarified their doubts about Lord Shani by going through this book. They would step forward towards the self-benediction and the welfare of society by worshipping the Lord, chief amongst the planets. If you people feel it helpful in making your life happier to a little extent, I would feel my efforts have been fruitful.
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Last updated on 22-04-2018
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