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Striving & Thriving Through Tiny Tips
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Every human being, may be big or small, an educated or uneducated, may be a weak or strong person, he wishes to reach the peak ie the highest point of success. Remember, only wishing for success cannot bring success. For this, the person concerned has to make appropriate efforts to attain his desired goal. It has been said :- “Udhyamenhi sidhyante karyani na manorathe ! Nahi suptasya singhasaya, privishyanli mukhe mrigaha” Which means “To attain the desired goal, one has to make appropriate efforts” For the sake of achieving one’s goal, mere desiring for the same is not enough. He has also to make required efforts. Only desiring for it, doesn’t solve any purpose. Even lion, the king of woods has to make efforts to satisfy his hunger. He has to hunt and in case the lion simply keeps on desiring for the food and doesn’t come out of his den for hunting, no any animal will automatically enter into his mouth untill he makes efforts for the same. So, in case we wish to attain a goal, we shall have to make efforts in a proper manner for the same. If we happen to be depraved of the path of karma, we can’t achieve the destined goal. However at the time of planning for a certain work or job a man should keep in mind to the time (the passing time) the place and the people concerned as also to the prevailing circumstances and the situations that one is passing through. In the planning of any work, the capabilies of a man, his strong determination and his work-efficiency are equally important like that of the doer of that work, the resources used for the work and the ways of working, in order to gain the destined goal. Besides this, the performer of the work / works should also have capabilities to face the unfavourable situations and has to continue making efforts quietly and patiencely. The performer should also have to be ready to use his own physical & intellectual capabilities. He should remain everready, everactive and everaware towards increasing his self earned working capability and work-efficiency. In case a determined person, in order to reach the highest goal continues his endless and unending efforts besides availing himself of the ever lasting tips mentioned by our ancient sages, he is sure to gain success in reaching his goal. A lot many people are of the view that in the changing scenario, the tiny tips told by our sages are not result-oriented. However, people must be aware of this fact that the knowledge and the directions given by our sages are based on the true Vedic knowledge. The hymns of Vedas have its physical, religious & the spiritual meanings and they are used in the same meanings in all the three fields. In all the eighty-four lacs of embodiments only human beings are righteous of performing karmas, so its with such an opportunity that one can make efforts to achieve his destined goal. Hence, to decide as to what type of karmas should a man perform in order to achieve the target, one must make use of the valuable tips mentioned by our sages. At the instance of the common man, I have to address the people in various programmes from time-to-time. In such programmes I am supposed to inspire them in order to gain the ultimate success. To reach the peak, they are needed to be boosted. In my various lectures I had have declared myself as an ardent devotee to karma i.e. to perform karma with due devotion & dedication is the only aim of my life. So I believe in “Work is worship”. I have been making it clear to people that they need not to go insane. Rather remaining in family i.e. living their family life smoothly by way of performing their all household, the social & the professional duties, they should acceed to the path of self-benedication. This is the reason that sometime I am asked to address the people in such Celebrations where they are inspired to attain their goal by performance of karma only. In the light of the all time tips mentioned by our sages, I go on inspiring people to reach the peak through increasing of their work-efficiency. Since long back people have been insisting upon me to get my lectures be published in the form of a book. I have permitted the Saturn Publications for the same. It is a matter of joy they have completed the work speedily. Now, the book is in your hands. So I need not comment upon it anymore. In case, the readers find it helpful in anyway, I shall feel my efforts to be fruitful.
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Last updated on 22-04-2018
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