Laws of Karmas and destiny

The domain of karma is very wide. At first, the almighty took decision to disintegrate himself from one unit to many, thus giving way to formation of this universe. The decision that almighty took was his karma and the laws that he made was extension of that karma. We all came into existence only because of the firm decision taken by Almighty, and in natural way, willingly or unwillingly we are always engaged in our Karma.

In vedic literature and in historical books there are three types of karmas: Sanchit, Prarabdha and Kriyamana In Srimadbhagwat Gita the element of the karma has been explained in very simple and real terms. Here Karma has been explained as a Karma Yoga. Karma has been defined as an element that gets assimilated with the individuals in the same way as salt gets dissolved in the water. On account of karma it becomes necessary for the individuals to get engaged in happiness and sadness, meaning thereby it is natural that good or bad action will give good or bad results. Still many times it is seen that an individual performs his karma but he does not get due reward. Many times he receives fruits of karma, but too late. Many times good karma does not give good results to human beings whereas a perverted  person after doing all misdeeds and sins seems to be enjoying good fruits. Under this situation people start raising doubts over the philosophy of karma, but these doubts are invalid. As with the human being all his past deeds are associated with him since all his births. Therefore when, the time to reap the fruits comes as per the karma performed, the human being gets his due reward. As we are not aware of the karma performed by an individual in his previous birth, we fail to prove the theory of karma and rewards.

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Last updated on 21-04-2018
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