The experiences of my life

Namoh Narayan ! By the grace of Shri Shanidev Maharaj, I have got the opportunity to talk and discourse on a topic which is very dear to me. I am going to deliberate upon the greatness of the lord of lords Shanidev from different angles. There are many misconceptions and baseless thoughts about Shanidev in circulation. Many people have painted a fearsome picture about him. I am going to remove all those misconceptions through my discourses.

Dear friends! I have experienced personally that Shanidev is not an enemy but a dear friend. I have realized that this lord is greatly merciful, benevolent and blissful. You will surely be blessed if your life and actions are guided by goodness towards others. Human life is meant for Karma 1 and we are rewarded according to our Karma?only.

That is why I want to stress that there is no reason to be afraid of Shanidev. If at all we need to be afraid of something, it should be our evil actions. Man, by nature, relishes pointing figures at others or spreading ill feelings towards others. That is why there is this tendency to brand Shanidev as the root cause of all our misfortunes. But that is not true at all. The root cause of all our misfortunes is our Karma? We reap that fruit what we have sowed. This is my mission to present Shanidev in his right perspective.

I assure you whatever I am going to discourse upon is entirely based on my personal experiences and perceptions. Maybe, this may not appeal to many. But my sole realization has been that Shanidev is an embodiment of all that is pious, merciful, complete bliss, absolute truth and completeness. He leads to salvation and why not? He is the son of Sun and the planet form of Lord Vishnu tortoise?incarnation.

Dear friends! Why should you be scared of one who releases you from all fears? What is this contradiction? So I appeal to you to have faith in my Lord, you will be blessed. I am going to narrate to you how I received Shanidevs limitless compassion and there is no exaggeration in my narration. Whatever I am today or whatever I will be or whatever I have got, it is all due to the benevolence of Shanidev. To quote Kabir 2


Jo kuchh kiya so aapne, main kuchh kiya nahin
Jo yadi kaho ki main kiya, to tum hee the mujhh maheen


Whatever was done, you did it; I did nothing. If you say I did it, it was you in me who did it.

The whole world, today, is a victim of wrong notions, superstitions, misconceptions regarding Shanidev and attribute all mishaps, misfortunes to different astronomical or astrological phases of Shani and fall at his feet when in great trouble.

But my personal experiences relate that Shanidev is the high priest of divine justice. He rewards or punishes according to the Karma? If he is annoyed quickly, he can be pacified also fast. He is a disciple of Lord Shiva and a friend of Lord Hanuman. In the present day fast world, man has hardly anytime for long meditations or the rigors of worship. But if one can worship this Lord of Kalyug? 3 piously and devotedly, the devotees wishes are surely fulfilled and I myself am an evidence to that.

I was born in the Pali District of Rajasthan. I left home at the age of seven in search of the ultimate. I mastered Sadhana4 and learnt astrology with the blessings of my gurus ?revered Devraha Baba, Vairavi Ma Rukmini and Karpatriji Maharaj, I also learnt the intricacies of Yoga?from Swami Shivanandji Maharaj. I encountered many accomplished and awakened yogis in the holy terrain of the Himalayas who helped me in my quest for knowledge and also reach the great saint Saturn whose instructions on the elements made my life worth-while. I returned home on his bidding and as I returned I had the opportunity to seek Shanidevs support and blessings. This had been foretold much earlier by revered Devraha Baba and Ma Rukmini. Henceforth the only mission of my life has been to serve the needy.

Before I took refuge at the feet of Shri Shanidev, my life was full of restlessness. I was troubled by opposing currents of life. I was like a fish out of water. In spite of being a Sadhu5 myself, there was no peace within me. Nor could I reap the fruit of my asceticism. I couldnt concentrate. I tried to do everything possible, yet there was a strange feeling of emptiness. But since I took refuge in the worship of Shanidev, my life has taken a new direction and it has become blissful, serene and full of devotion.

I have taken a pledge to start a movement against all misconceptions about Shanidev. For this I have instituted a huge idol of Shanidev as the main deity at Shri Siddth Shakti Peeth Shani Dham. Devotees come here and offer prayers and oil to Shanidev and get  rid of their troubles. They feel relieved of mental and physical tensions. Remember always, your faith and reverence for Shanidev should be deep and unconditional.

We pass through sometimes favorable conditions and sometimes unfavorable, as a result of which we are filled with joy or sadness according to the situation. Who doesnt love happiness or hate sorrow?

But we must not forget that it is our own actions which decide the result. We suffer because of our ill-deeds. That is why we should not blame any God or fate or any planet for our misfortunes though it is quite natural that people seek doctors, astrologers etc.

when they are in stress. People come to me also to find relief from their misery. I advise people to get in touch with those specialists who can deal with specific problems because I am neither a doctor nor a lawyer nor a counselor. I can only offer compassion and advise people to do Good. My deity is Shanidev and his blessings are with those who devote their lives to the well-being of others. Service to the homeless, abandoned and unprotected is service to Shanidev.

If a person devotes his life to this kind of service, there can not be any unfavorable wind in his life. But in case for some reason, if he is still troubled by misfortunes, I can guide him rightly how to get the blessings of Shanidev and lead a life of peace and happiness.

Tri-formula for realising all dreams and overcoming obstacles

1. Serve your parents.
2. Husband ?Wife should lead a righteous life.
3. Be loyal to the nation. Never betray your nation.

This three ?fold path should be followed by anyone who wants to spread the fragrance of peace and happiness in his life. Along with the above I prescribe a few more ways which if adopted will surely lead to success in life.

  • Help a needy and helpless person to get his daughter married.
  • Lend your helping hand to bring up a poor girl-child.
  • Contribute towards the education of a needy, helpless child.
  • Help a needy person towards his medical treatment, food and clothes requirement.


If you follow the above, you can overcome all obstacles and receive the blessings of Shanidev. One should try to contribute in the above ways according to ones means. After fulfilling the above, if you follow ways prescribed in the scriptures, you will be successful.

Overcoming obstacles A person who has been suffering because of his earlier Karma? should offer oil to the idol of Shanidev for 21 Saturdays or 21 Tuesdays starting on any Saturday. Shanidev will be appeased at this and bless him.

Light an earthen lamp with Ghee and oil following the tri-formulae. Read the Hanuman Chalisa? 6 five times in the morning and in the evening regularly. Continue this for 172 days. You will overcome all obstacles if you follow this.

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Last updated on 21-04-2018
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