Shree Shree 1008 Mahamadaleshwer Paramhans Daati Ji Maharaj

Since the last two decades a of recognizing of any object, subject and the theories over the materialistic modern science through which in continuation to the baseless orthodox, it has also put certain most important subjects of the human life to be accounted in the area of suspense.

Those who have addressed it as a new light of Science, they started a new method for the estimation and the evaluation of each object & the Subject of this world. In the course of such an evaluation, the best possible efforts have ever been made to prove Astrology as the most abandoned and the ignored Subject.This the reason why the people running into the blind race of calling themselves as ultra-modern and fashionable people they have started calling the Vedic science as synonyms of foolishness and the orthodox.

However, it is a fact that Vedic Astrology is the most ancient one. Even the history approves of it that there had been no such time when was not in Existence. It is also verified based on the modern science since the bones of the two-five thousand years BC have been discovered in excavation wherever the symbols of the planets sun, moon etc have been found.

It is a matter of great joy that with the evolution of the modern science, the long back conceptions are automatically been replaced by the new conceptions. Consequently, huge groups of the scientists are in favour of regarding the Astrology as a science.

In fact, Astrology is not only a science but it is a Super Science. It is a science, which is called an eye to Vedas. Recognising it as an eye to Vedas and considering it to be the Supreme one, the ancient sages have put it on the highest stand among the knowledge of science, religion and the spirituality through highlighting its importance. In 'Rigveda's', the placement and at about the position of the planets & the constellation have been mentioned. In this regard 'Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak' had expressed his feeling that our 'Vedas' or say our 'classics' are definitely far more ancient than ninety five thousand years ago.

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Last updated on 22-05-2018
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