Really, Astrology is not a newly invented science that needs to be evolved. It is the most ancient science, which has reached to the highest peak of evolution. It is the irony of the fate that this science has been ruined and its chains have shattered hither & thither. Whatever links & chains were left shattered around, based on it at which a background of the Astrology was formed. The calculations made with the help of their mathematical formulae are established entirely correct even today. Whatever predictions are made depending upon the Astrology mathematical formulae, they are astonishingly coming true.

In fact the ancient sages have called Astrology to be an eye to Vedas not merely for the sake of a slimily, but it is truly a luminous light, in the, light, of which the information of the objects and the facts is known with entire clarify. The Vedas are said to have its six parts, likewise the six stages have been declared in Indian philosophy.

The last step of or the final target (to be achieved) in our Indian philosophy is the state of 'oneness' i.e. 'to unite with' the supreme power which is said to be the state of self-realization in Vedic philosophy. Such a state is be self-experienced and cannot be realised through expressing explaining by someone else. Despite this, stepping up the various stages of Inner knowledge of the self very minutely, whatever information and knowledge could the ancient Indian sages gain, all the disciple of the world were originated from the same knowledge. In the light of the self-realization whatever precious pearls of wisdom could the ancient sages gain they blessed their devotee with those pearls in order to benediction of the common man inspired quite naturally and this wisdom continued pass over generation to generation.

Yat pinde Tat Brahmande

Making such a declaration to reach the height of wisdom they have blessed us with, such a basic technique that the knowledge of every petty objects & the subjects of the world can be gained from within ourselves.

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Last updated on 22-04-2018
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