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An Awakening call to Eternal Bliss
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An “awakening call to Eternal Bliss” is available to all human beings at the time of their birth itself. Since time immortal, we are imprisoned in the bonds of life and death. We seek release from the world of delusion and search for a Blissful state. By doing so, one desires to find out the truth-Sat-Chit-Anand i.e. the Truth, the Conscience and the Bliss - to get reunited to its Divine form and state. Fortunate are those who have been blessed with this human body called as “Narak Swarg Upwarg Niseini, Gyan Virag Moksha Shubh Deini!” Almighty blessed us with the human embodiment to wash out all sins of our previous births and attain final liberation or the 'Moksha'. Thus, human embodiment may be seen as a Divine Call to enjoy the state of perfect happiness. But, its a great pity that we are so overwhelmed with the outer embellishment of the physical beauty, ability & intelligence that we disregard and pay little attention to the most precious Gem within it. And thus, we lose the unique opportunity offered to us. But that 'Param Parmeshwar' is so compassionate that He keeps His doors open through the wisdom of the great Seers and Sages, who come to show us the path (to proceed on) and remind us that we should not waste this unique opportunity. This human embodiment is not only a Call for the 'Bliss' but it is also an auspicious source to perceive and recognise the creator being, present within ourselves. However generally these things seem to be much confusing and a common man with a little wisdom treats it very lightly. It is the ‘Sadguru’ or the Preceptor who gives us the know-how to realise the Supreme-being and clears out all our doubts that come in our way to ‘Eternal Bliss’ This handbook of wisdom is not only an analysis of scriptures or texts, nor does it claim to be a philosophical or literary composition. Instead, it is the collection of my spontaneous emotional expressions of the knowledge that I received at the lotus feet of my Guru and it is just because of his inspiration and blessings that I have been able to compile them in my high times. In fact, I must confess that this book does not contain anything which is original or newly discovered. It contains knowledge to the 'Eternal Bliss' which is an ancient concept and has always been discussed. It highlights the ancient practice of ‘Guru-Shishya Parampara (tradition)’, in which Guru, through his own realized knowledge satisfies the curiosities and seekings of the ‘Shishya’ by showing him the path to seek out the source of true Bliss within himself. No wonder, this book contains the essential truth of all those religious texts & doctrines, the teachings and preachings of the Saints and the learned men endowed to me, are reflected upon here. Whatever I have gained from whatsoever I read or heard from the wise Gurus, whose proximity, I had the good fortune to enjoy, is reflected quite naturally in the ideas expressed here. I thankfully acknowledge the thoughts & the ideas of the learned and the wise men who appealed to me and such ideas are quite naturally reflected in this book at various places. I do regret that many references have been left out because my own notes were hasty and incomplete. Therefore, I wish to acknowledge and express my gratitude to all those, whose compositions I have drawn on to write this book. The title of this book has been chosen to alert the sensibility of modern man, to avail the opportunity to seek God and provide them guidance for attaning 'Eternal Bliss.' This book has been written, keeping in view the level of understanding and the mode of the life-style, people are used to live these ways. This book will guide the human beings to avail the opportunity of the blessings of the God, through this human embodiment, thus justifying their life. Since long, I was feeling the need of the English version of my book named "Khula Aamantran Parmanand Ke Liye". In my good moods, I asked one of my devotee, Mrs.Kusum Lata Dhingra, to translate it into English. For many days I could not find time to see this English version, since I remain quite busy in serving people visiting Shani Dham. She with Smt. Neema Joshi has made Linguistic modifications and consolidation in this book, giving it the final touch. So, this book is a result of the continuous efforts made by both these ladies. I express my heartiest gratitude to both of them for their nice co-operation and hard work. May heaven's choicest blessings be showered upon them. I gave this book to the Saturn Publications Pvt Ltd. Its appreciable that they published the book in a short time span and now the book is in your hands. Only the readers will decide, how do they find this book, "An Awakening Call to Eternal Bliss". Possibly, some error remains there in haste, I beg of your pardon for the same and expect of the intellectual readers to draw our attention towards them so as to improve upon them in next edition. Lastly, I give my heartiest congratulations to all the active members of ‘ Shri Shani Dham’, who have made it to reach in your hands and do wish and bless those religious minded devotees who have co-operated a lot for its publication. Now, the book is in your hands, I need not say anything about its contents. Even if some of the readers are benefitted of it, my efforts would be fruitful.
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Last updated on 22-04-2018
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