The above-mentioned declaration of the ancient Indian sages is obvious. They say the diameter of this centre is the millionth part of the millionth part of an inch. The substance of the life of the atom exists within this centre. Various most subtle Electrons, keep on revolving around the Neutrons. Patrons on this focal point. In such a course of action, these Electrons keep on initialising to the activities of the Universe.

Thus, the unity as if unlimited atoms are called cells in medical science and our body is the aggregate form of these cells. These cells, according to the 'Law of Affinity', are united and make tissues in the body, which are joined together and build our body. They are together making our body. In this way, our body and the limbs of this body resemble to the activities of the solar system. So, this rule is automatically understood that our body, which is, made of these cells, works according to the activities of the solar system.

Pointing out to these, matters out sages have called this Universe as a completely circulatory creation of the God wherein that supreme power is equally extended in every object & the subject of this Universe. They have bowed and submitted at the Lotus feet of 'Sadguru', the great man of the one following the traditional Guruchain.

AkhandMandlaKaran Vyapatamave Tadpadam

darchitamave Tasmaiyee Shree Guruve nameh

As per Vedic Astrology, man is equipped with the special qualities and powers of the planets and the constellation, under the special combinations of the planets & constellation he is born i.e. the planetary position aspects & the conjunction at his natal horoscope. He is empowered with the special power & quality of the specific constellation and the planets since their rays are diffused in the entire lifetime. The country wise correction made over the longitude and the latitude of the planets shows that a native born at a certain place at a certain point of time differs in his nature & personality to the person born at a different place at the planets the same point of time are differently diffused at different places. So two persons born at the same point of time at two different places with different longitude & latitude certainly differ in their nature, form & figure the personality and the different physique & strength.

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Last updated on 22-04-2018
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